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Type Private
Founded 2000
Headquarters Nashville, Tennessee, USA
Industry Online Retail Sales
Products Professional recording media
Slogan "The fast, easy way to buy tape — online!"
Website www.tapeonline.com

TapeOnline is an Internet based retailer of blank recording media specifically targeting Video production professionals, the data media market, duplication houses and the consumer market. TapeOnline carries over 1,000 recording media and related products including Video tape, Audio tape, data tape, disc media, Memory cards, hard drives and disc accessories. Established in 2000 and headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, TapeOnline is a Master Dealer for Sony, Maxell, Rimage, and over 60 other professional media manufacturers. TapeOnline has warehouses located in Addison, Texas and Nashville, Tennessee.[1]



TapeOnline was established by Steve Roche and Greg Griffith as a division of Electric Picture Company (EPC) in April 2000. At the time, EPC was well established as a local rental house of professional video equipment serving the Nashville, Middle Tennessee area. Rental customers often required tape stock along with their gear rentals. Recognizing a need to fill this market as well as the explosive growth of the internet, TapeOnline was created to serve professionals not only in Nashville but across the United States.

As growth continued, TapeOnline opened a warehouse in Addison, TX in 2003, in order to better serve customers West of the Mississippi River.

TapeOnline entered the duplication market in 2005 offering disc duplicators, printers and publishers for sale on their website.[2] By adding duplicators, memory cards, bulbs and disc media, TapeOnline adopted the motto, "More than Just Tape!" as a way to distinguish itself as a retailer that sells more than just video and data tape.

Key Services

Customer service is the foremost asset championed by the company[1] and is evidenced by high marks on Reseller Ratings[3] and their satisfactory record of membership with the Better Business Bureau.[4]

TapeOnline incorporates a tight integration of the Sony Rewarding Recording program into its system offering the ability to electronically track and report Sony Dollars earned for each customer.


In 2007, TapeOnline was awarded a GSA contract (#GS-02T-0064T).[5] Becoming GSA compliant allows GSA contractors to purchase directly through the TapeOnline website, GSA Advantage and DOD Emall. TapeOnline's GSA contract expires on March 11, 2012.

Also in 2007, TapeOnline began moderating a new forum on the Creative Cow website titled Media Formats | Media Capacities where users can ask questions and tap into TapeOnline's repository of recording media related information.


Holiday Games

TapeOnline produces in-house interactive games that are sent out to its client base every Holiday season. Recent games include Ship-o-Rama, Snowball Fight and Tape Invaders.


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