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Teoma, pronounced chawmuh (from Scottish Gaelic teòma "expert"), was an Internet search engine founded in 2000 by Professor Apostolos Gerasoulis and his colleagues at Rutgers University in New Jersey. Professor Tao Yang from UCSB co-led technology R&D. Their research grew out of the 1998 DiscoWeb project. The original research was published in the paper, "DiscoWeb: Applying Link Analysis to Web Search."

Teoma was unique because of its link popularity algorithm. Unlike Google's PageRank, Teoma's technology (Subject-Specific Popularity) analyzed links in context to rank a web page's importance within its specific subject. For instance, a web page about 'baseball' would rank higher if other web pages about 'baseball' link to it.

Many parts of Teoma's relevancy algorithm were based on the methodology IBM developed for its CLEVER project.

Teoma was acquired by Ask Jeeves on September 11, 2001, and has powered ask.com and other international Ask Jeeves sites (such as ask.co.uk, ask.jp) and Ask Jeeves Spain since then. On 26 February 2006, Teoma was rebranded and redirected to Ask.com.[1]

The Teoma algorithm is now referred to by Ask.com as the ExpertRank algorithm.[2]

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