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A silent driver

Difficulty: Tolerably Challenging


things you'll want:

Drivers license application Passport (original and copy) along with place stamp No Objection Certificate Firms passport 8 passport dimension photos Cash

1 Choose your driving school . As of September 2009, here are five major driving institutes inside Dubai. The advantage about functioning with any larger school remains that it has any within-home eye testing facility and typing services---both regarding which you'll need to receive your license.

2 Complete a driver's license application. Your driving institute will give this to you. Along by way of the application, you'll need 4 passport-sized photos, your original passport, a photocopy regarding the main page plus the visa pages about your passport and some No Objection Certificate out of your companie. You'll too require a photocopy of your employer's passport or their trade license.

3 Need your documents typed in Arabic. You should submit your documents inside Arabic, and they must be typewritten. Your driving institute will possess a typing support you can use for this purpose.

4 Acquire one eye test at either an optician or your driving college. The examiner will comprehensive also stamp his portion of the application.

5 Get your temporary drivers license. The driving school you attend will acquire your paperwork plus submit it to the Roads & Transport Authority (RTA). Following that, you'll receive a temporary license, which is valid for unique year plus must always be carried in your instruction auto.

6 Require driving lessons. The number regarding lessons you need will rely on your prior experience behind the wheel. Your driving institute will be capable to make some recommendation based on your skills.

7 Take on the checks. Driving checks within Dubai are staggered out. First, you'll take the garage also parking tests, then the signal test and, finally, the road test. You'll be required to bring two passport sized photos to both the signal and street test.

8 Receive your permanent license. Once you pass the driving test, you'll carry a photograph and your license will be processed also given to you the same day.

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Obtaining a Dubai Drivers Permit Total Procedures for Obtaining any Drivers License in Dubai


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