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The 3D Gamemaker is a computer application developed by The Game Creators that allows users to make basic shooter/adventure games for Microsoft Windows. Programming and art skills are not required to develop Gamemaker games, but developers may optionally add custom media to their games using the DarkBASIC programming language.

The 3D Gamemaker does not encourage one-theme game making, but encourages mixing different themes to make a game that's unique and fun to play.

Games developed with 3D Gamemaker require at least 400 MHz Pentium processor, 64 MB of RAM and DirectX 7.0b to run.



The 3D Gamemaker has a built in placement editor that allows the user to indicate where enemies, items, and obstacles go. This is not available in beginner mode or the lite edition. There is also, amongst other things, a simple level creator. It also includes the ability to upload your own media.

Lite Edition

The 3D Gamemaker was also released with a Lite edition that had less possibilities. These options included only Shooter, Space, Driving and Silly. All players, items, and enemies were kept, and the missing scenes were marked with an 'H' in the full edition. The jungle theme only used the cavern and tomb scenes, with no level maker or placement editor. Both versions of the game cannot be downloaded onto your computer without a disk and there is currently no free trial out.


The 3D Gamemaker is known[by whom?] as a bad choice for most users, as it has poor-quality models, and is not very customizable. It is recommended for children that just want to see something work. Its successors, FPS Creator and FPS Creator X10, are much like it, considering that in The 3D Gamemaker, you can only shoot or jump on an enemy, which is similar to an FPS.

There is also criticism over (mainly in the lite version, due to it being more limited)[citation needed] the idea of the games made with the program being made from a series of readily fabricated material, and not made by the user of the program.[1][not in citation given]


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