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The Daily Caller is a 24-hour news site with a focus on original reporting and breaking news. Founded by journalist and political pundit Tucker Carlson and Neil Patel, former advisor to former Vice President Dick Cheney ,The Daily Caller launched on January 11, 2010. Executive editor Megan Mulligan, formerly of The Guardian, heads up the editorial department. Moira Bagley is opinions editor. The Daily Caller also features a blog written by Jim Treacher.

In an interview with The Politico, Carlson said that The Daily Caller will not be tied to ideology but rather will be "breaking stories of importance". In a Washington Post article, Carlson added "We're not enforcing any kind of ideological orthodoxy on anyone."

Opinion contributors included Arianna Huffington, Newt Gingrich, Andrew Breitbart and S.E. Cupp.


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