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the show with zefrank
Hosting Ze Frank
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Updates Weekdays
Picture format .flv, .mov, .mp4
Debut March 17, 2006
End date March 17, 2007
Genre comedy, current events

the show with zefrank was a web video show by Ze Frank produced each weekday from March 17, 2006 until March 17, 2007. The format of the program combined commentary on media and current events with viewer contributions and activities. It was the subject of articles in Slate,[1] The New York Times,[2] the Los Angeles Times,[3] The Guardian,[4] and Newsweek.[5]



The show ran two to three minutes in length. Topics ranged from serious socio-political commentary to absurdist comedy and running gags. One such gag was to open episodes with outlandish skits, followed by the question "Are the new viewers gone yet?" He also performed original songs to emphasize a point or concept.

Thousands of photos, videos and music files were contributed by the audience, including over 1,000 photos in one 20-hour period.[6] Viewer feedback from a previous show, a segment he called "S-s-s-somethin' from the comments," often served as a launching point to a new topic. One episode was scripted by thousands of viewers using a wiki.[7]

On the May 16, 2006 episode[8], Ze challenged his viewers to create an "Earth Sandwich." The goal was to place two pieces of bread on the ground at points directly opposite each other on the globe, creating a giant sandwich between the two pieces of bread.[9] The task was completed by teams in Spain and New Zealand.[10][11]


The show concluded on March 17, 2007, as planned. Ze's final words to his viewers were "thanks so much for an amazing year."

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