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Ticketpro is a provider of ticketing services (online and telephone) in many countries around the world. It sells tickets via its distribution network of hundreds of points of sale, call centres and online sales. The company sells tickets for live entertainment shows only.


Countries of Operation

(with time of launch)

  1. Baltic states: March 2009, Madonna concert in Tallinn, Estonia.
  2. Bulgaria: Ticketpro launched in Bulgaria in January 2006, with the sale of the tickets to the Depeche Mode concert.
  3. Canada: Launched in October 2003.
  4. China: Launched in 2007 (for upcoming December Diivo concert).
  5. Czech Republic: September 1992.
  6. Greece: March, 2006, with the Rolling Stones concert.
  7. Hungary: December 2003
  8. India: February 2006, Bryan Adams concert.
  9. Italy: active in Italy, through collaboration with Ticketeria .
  10. Malaysia: 2007
  11. Poland: March 2004
  12. Russia: September 2006, Madonna in Moscow.
  13. Slovakia: 1994.
  14. USA: Ticketpro International is a shareholder of RepeatSeat, which is an entertainment service company which offers a private ticketing label service throughout North America thanks to Ticketpro's Ticketsoft software

Business conditions

  • Online payments are only accepted through Visa and Mastercard internationally. For other credit/debit cards, country specific site should be checked.
  • The company has no refund policy for tickets that have already been bought.
  • Tickets purchased online have the following mode of collection:
    • From the venue entrance, at the date of the event.
    • Collected from a specified address as indicated by Ticketpro.
    • Delivered to the address specified by the buyer. (This option is dependent on courier service, hence closed off days prior to the event, as per the dictates of the courier service provider, generally 5 working days. The exact date of such closure for each event is announced beforehand on the site, while purchasing.)

Ticketpro Club

Membership allows the member to view notifications of upcoming events in their country as per their tastes. It is necessary to become a member, or in other words register, to buy tickets through this portal.

External links


  1. Ticketpro official website.
  2. Ticketpro mission statement by Melanie Schinck, Managing Director, Ticketpro India.

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