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TigerLogic Corp.
Type Public (NASDAQTIGR)
Founded April 17, 2008
Headquarters Irvine, California, USA
Key people Carlton Baab, CEO, President
Industry Internet, Computer Software
Products Data Management and Rapid Application Deployment software
Revenue $18.7 million USD (2007)[1]
Employees 100+ (August 12, 2008)
Website www.tigerlogic.com
TigerLogic Corporation (NASDAQTIGR) designs, develops, sells and supports software infrastructure products. These products allow the company’s customers to create and enhance flexible software applications for their own needs. This software may be categorized into the following product lines: ChunkIt!, XML Data Management Server (XDMS), Multidimensional Data Management System (MDMS) and Rapid Application Development (RAD) software tools[2].



Incorporated in the State of Delaware in August 1987, the company was originally incorporated as Blyth Holdings, Inc. and the name was changed to Omnis Technology Corporation in September 1997. Effective December 1, 2000, the company completed the acquisition of PickAx, Inc., a Delaware corporation. Concurrent with the acquisition, the company changed the name from Pick Systems to Raining Data Corporation. On April 17, 2008, the company changed the name to TigerLogic Corporation[2].

The principal asset of PickAX is PICK Systems acquired from the estate of Richard Pick, the founder of Pick Systems. PICK Systems was incorporated in California in November 1982[3]

  • 2000: Definitive merger agreement between Omnis and PICK. Name changes to Raining Data Corporation integrating two companies to create an enterprise to take advantage of emerging trends in cross-platform, web-enabled, data intensive business applications[4].
  • 2002: Raining Data, a long time provider of scaleable data management software focuses company on XML market initiatives with new XML data management solutions that streamline access to a variety of critical business data[5].
  • 2002: Raining Data announces the developer release of TigerLogic XML Data Management Server (XDMS) V1.0 on Windows 2000 and Windows XP Platforms[6].
  • 2003: Availability of TigerLogic XDMS 1.1. supports Solaris, Windows 2000 and Windows XP environments and includes patent-pending technology that significantly boosts the performance and efficiency of data architectures[7].
  • 2007: Major new 3.0 release of TigerLogic XDMS software now supports the January 2007 W3C XQuery 1.0 specification[8].
  • 2008: TigerLogic announces new Web search product called Yolink, an Internet browser-based application that enhances the search experience of any popular search engine or Web page; company changes name from Raining Data[9].

Products and services

Many of the company’s products are based on the Pick Universal Data Model (“Pick UDM”), which the company created, and are capable of handling data from many sources. The Pick UDM is a core component across the XDMS and MDMS product lines[2].

Beginning in 2001, the company began an extensive effort to leverage the time-proven Pick UDM and core intellectual property to create the TigerLogic technology product line, which includes:

  • An Internet browser-based search application called "yolink" designed to enhance the search experience and productivity of any Web user. Previously called Chunkit!
  • An enterprise class XML Database Management Server for the emerging XML market to address the growing need for managing and querying native XML data and the ability to handle structured and unstructured data[2].

TigerLogic Yolink

In April 2008, the company publicly released for beta testing an Internet browser-based search application called ChunkIt!.

In early 2009, the company re-designed and renamed the application to "yolink" (http://www.yolink.com)

TigerLogic says: "The perfect search add-on. Transform your favorite search engine into an information powerhouse. Yolink searches within the pages of your engine's results to find your search terms in context. Go beyond the links. Search Web pages and discover information conventional search tools may have never revealed. In addition to mining content on a webpage, yolink will mine all of the links on that page for information relevant to your search. Yolink highlights information in the context of its original Web page and on the right side of your browser. Eliminating the need to bounce between multiple windows. Share your findings effortlessly by clicking on the save and share link. An email message containing your valuable information and the original Web page address is instantly created and ready to send, or save in folders for future use. Go beyond conventional search and find commands. Yolink allows you to search lengthy reference manuals, PDFs, legal documents, contracts, and news sites quickly and effortlessly. Yolink is especially helpful with a multi-word search, because it can extract all of the relevant content surrounding any of your search terms and display it all at once." -Download.cnet.com

TigerLogic XML Data Management Server (XDMS)

TigerLogic XDMS is an enterprise native XML database management server with both data- and document-centric capabilities. The TigerLogic XDMS difference comes from its core technology: a data model that is optimal for managing and storing any kind of XML or non-XML data and its extensible XQuery Engine.

Rapid Application Development (RAD) Tools

The company’s RAD products support the full life cycle of software application development and are designed for rapid prototyping, development, and deployment of Graphical user interface (“GUI”) client/server and Web applications.

Multidimensional Databases (MDMS)

The MDMS product line consists principally of the D3 database management system (“D3”), which runs on many operating systems, such as IBM AIX, Linux and Microsoft Windows NT.

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