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File:Idee tineye logo.jpg
URL tineye.com
Commercial? yes
Type of site Image Search Engine
Registration optional
Available language(s) multilingual
Owner Idée, Inc.
Current status active

TinEye is a reverse image search engine developed and offered by Idée, Inc., a company based in Toronto, Canada. The use of the Web application is free of charge for customers. According to the company, TinEye is the first web-based image search engine to use image identification technology. Currently, the technology is an Open beta release. Idée launched the service on May 6, 2008.[1]

A user uploads an image to the Web application[2] search engine or provides a URL for an image (or for a page containing the image). The search engine will look up other usage of the image in the internet including their time of appearance and including modified images based upon that image. Tineye does not recognise objects or persons in an image, it recognises the entire image, and some altered versions of that image. This includes differently sized versions of the image.

User registration is optional, and offers storage of the user's previous queries. Other features include embeddable widgets and bookmarklets.

As of 2010-01-21, TinEye claims to have indexed 1,276,899,174 images for comparisons.[3]

A more powerful reverse image search engine of Idée is PixID, an automated image monitoring service.[4]


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