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Torpor is free, open source (under the MIT License) Object-relational mapping framework for PHP 5.1 and above. It is written entirely in PHP with limited reliance on standard XML extensions (and selected databases) and is independent of (and aims to be compatible with) any other PHP frameworks.


PHP was started as an independent project in July 2009 and reached its first major release (1.0) on October 31 2009. It was originally created to automate the tedium of Object Oriented PHP CRUD operations, specifically the management of related object factories, collections, and useful patterns such as object state maintenance for just-in-time fetch and publish.


Torpor uses an XML configuration file to control its features and options as well as describe the layout and relationships of the underlying repository. A generic "Grid" object type is used to represent any table (using database terminology) record instance, dynamically adapted to the contained Columns and relationship to other Grid types. This differs from many other PHP ORM implementations in that it does not generate any code, though it can be configured to represent different Grid types as dynamically-constructed classes (or as user-defined classes extending the base Grid class). This allows for central control and maintenance of all operations and adaptation to repository design changes.

Using a plug-in architecture for the management of DataStore and intermediate read- and write- through Cache allows for easy extension to support additional repository types in ways best suited to each.

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