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Trial Wire is a java tool to transfer DICOM compliant (.dcm extension) images between any two web enabled computers. It can also be used to remove (anonymize) personal identifiable information normally visible the DICOM headers [1].

To help with HIPAA compliance, Trial Wire also provides an audit trail of any changes to the DICOM data in XML format [2].


Trial Wire 2.0 was released by Ixico in April 2009 at the ISMRM conference in Hawaii[3]. Previous versions were used by Ixico for a number of years to receive DICOM data from multiple clinical.

For many clinical trial sites, DICOM data is stilled transferred using courier services. The main driving force behind developing Trial Wire was to keep Ixico and its clients’ courier costs down. Convinced that no one should have to pay for image transfer, Derek Hill (CEO of Ixico) decided to make Trial Wire free to anyone wanting to transfer DICOM data.


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