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Original author(s) Mike Filsaime, Inc
Developer(s) Mike Filsaime
Initial release October 28, 2009; 5 days agoh
Stable release October / Beta
Operating system Cross-platform
Platform Adobe AIR
Available in English
Type Twitter, Facebook
License Free

TweetGlide is an Adobe AIR desktop application for Twitter currently available for Windows and macintosh/Mac users. Similar to TweetDeck, it interfaces with the Twitter API allowing people to track their followers, make tweets and send or receive direct messages. However, unlike other Twitter applications, TweetGlide possesses a special feature whereby members can transfer their followers onto their mailing lists via direct & customizable ad-space.

Another significant benefit, is that users can also tweet over the previous 140 character limit. TweetGlide automatically indexes your large post on their server, so that followers can click to view each specific post in its entirety. On the other hand, the current release is not nearly as popular as Tweetdeck and it is yet to be clarified whether newer versions will support the IPhone and Linux platforms.


User Interface

At present, TweetGlide remains very similar to TweetDeck in the fact that it's built on a grey background. On the other hand, TweetGlide is much more customizable than its rival, with customizable "glide columns" which allow for re-arrangement, better organization and specific feed viewing. The program also allows you to manager multiple Twitter accounts in just one interface and comes with link tracking analytics so that you can track how many times your links are clicked, and from which tweets they were clicked on.

The publishers have already stated that the main TweetGlide interface is set to completely change in the coming weeks, opting for a more clinical and user-friendly 2.0 silver layout.

Facebook Integration

TweetGlide was initially released as a Beta version on October 28, 2009 and also features Facebook integration as standard albeit Mike Filsaime, Inc have not yet clarified if future releases will feature MySpace support as well.

Advanced Features

TweetGlide already enhances user-experience with its multi-customization options and direct ad-space. In addition to this though, the interface also has great flexibility as compared to other Twitter applications, as it allows people to bulk follow and unfollow which means that there's no further need for Hummingbird.

TweetGlide has a built-in short url system that allows you to select between several short url services, including BudURL, Tiny URL among various others.

The most beneficial aspect of TweetGlide will be applicable to online marketers in particular. Their "Tweet For Traffic" feature allows you to earn 0.2 credit for every Tweet you make, with 1 whole credit buying you ad-space for direct linking to your website(s). On the other hand, this feature is limited to strictly earning 1 credit per each 3 hour period, which helps to prevent spam and avoid repetition.

It remains to be seen whether other applications such as Tweetdeck and Twirl will be able to keep up with the growth of TweetGlide, or whether they'll be forced to make changes to their independent software programs in order to compete. One area they probably won't be able to match anytime soon though, is the downline tweeting that TweetGlide provides its members with.

Not only do you earn ad credits for your own tweets, but you also earn credits for the efforts of users 4 levels below you. If you refer 5 people, then they each refer 5 (and so on) you could soon get to 780 people in your downline. If each of these members tweeted with TweetGlide 5 times, your ad would show 780 times. There is also the possibility of being able to buy ad-space, albeit this would seem hazardous when the opportunity of simply referring others harbours so much potential without every having to spend any money. Of course, this incorporates a large viral growth factor and should mean an increase in revenue for business owners choosing to operate online.

TweetGlide also has built-in cheat detection. People using false referrals and tweets will be suspended without notice and banned for life. Their accounts will be reported to Twitter for spam. All of this is put in place to make TweetGlide a premier advertising network - not a spam tool.

This feature can also be used for various relationship-building techniques. TweetGlide incorporates a very special ability which allows transfer of credits to others. This allows people to sell their credits outright, offer them as prizes, use them as bonuses in affiliate promotions and simply distribute them to friends.


Some argue that Tweetglide provides no real benefit over Tweetdeck, but pushes ads on the social experience in an intrusive way.


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