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HTML, or hypertext markup language is a PC words that is employed to create web pages. Websites and web pages are written in HTML code. Whether you are setting up a personal web page or some organization web page, learning HTML code can be very beneficial. Understanding the way to operate the codes can help you manipulate your page environments. HTML documents contain plain text also boast the extension .html or .htm extension. You can create a link on your page that users can click on to be directed to an picture. Adding links to images is exclusive exceptional way to produce your page attractive. This guide will teach you how to create a link to an image. You can link a smaller version of your image to a larger variation. This guide presents a very basic approach to customizing your page.

Trouble: Easy


1 Start your word processor or word writer that is you will make use of to create your web page. Open up the page that you will be adding some link to. Type the text or add the image to your page that you want users to click on to display the picture.

2 Location your cursor on front about the text or image that users will click on also type <A HREF=“?” Type </Any> after the name about the file.

3 Replace the query mark in the location of the linked image on your computer. Your text within your paragraph ought to appear like the instance below. <A HREF=“image.jpg”><IMG SRC=“image.jpg”></A>click here to view image. </Body> </HTML>

4 Open a new web browser to verify that your web page displays the link correctly. To show your page you may use a browser, these kinds of as Online Explorer. To open your web page in the browser, click the "File" button alongside the "Menu" bar, click "Open up." The "Wide open" dialog box appears. Click browse to locate your web page in the position that it yous saved. Choose the web page that you wish to open. Your web page will appear in the browser. Try clicking on the link and verify that the image displays correctly.

Tips & Cautions

You should exhibit your web page in several browsers to discover the way in which each browser will display your page.

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