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Typo (software)
File:Typo cms logo.png
Initial release Template:Start-date
Stable release 5.4.1 / December 28, 2009; 349464770 ago
Written in Ruby on Rails
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Content management system, Blog software
License MIT License[citation needed]
Website http://www.typosphere.org/

Typo is a free, open source blogging engine written in the Ruby programming language, using the Ruby on Rails web application framework released under the MIT License. Typo can use any of the various SQL databases supported by the Ruby on Rails framework.

Typo is not to be confused with TYPO3, which is another widespread open source content management system.



The name Typo originates from the initial developer of the software, Tobias Lütke, who inadvertently wrote down the incorrect time (a "typo") for an appointment with a client and proceeded to write the first version while sitting in a Starbucks coffee shop during his newly found free time.


  • Does not need to rebuild the contents of the blog, everything is created on the fly
  • Uses caching. Typo only creates the served files when needed, and serves static copies to the readers.
  • Advanced SEO capabilities
  • Multiple users and profiles
  • Spam protection, customizable blacklists and Akismet support
  • Textile, Markdown, and SmartyPants support, plus you can create your own text filters
  • Ping and TrackBack support
  • Article categories and tags
  • Complete plugins API
  • Ajax based live search and commenting
  • Ajax based comment moderation
  • RSS2 and Atom 1.0 syndication feeds as well as feeds for comments and trackbacks
  • Supported databases: MySQL, SQLite, and PostgreSQL
  • Simple URI format for all of the permalinks (for example http://blog.example.com/2005/01/29/an-example-article)
  • Web based administration and posting interface, plus support for all 3 major external client APIs (Blogger, MetaWeblog and MovableType Extensions)
  • Migration scripts from MovableType 3.x, Textpattern 1.x, WordPress 1.5x-2.0 as well as plain RSS

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External links

  • TypoSphere, official website
  • Typogarden, hosting Typo themes, originally site of a Typo theming contest

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