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Underground eXperts United
Origin Sweden
Years active 1991–2002
Category Underground ezine
Founder(s) The Chief
Member(s) Phearless
Ralph 124C41+
Eric Chaet
Leon Felkins
... and many more

uXu, Underground eXperts United (1991-2002), underground ezine formed in Sweden by ex-members of the Swedish Hackers Association, writing ASCII text files, influenced by cDc. When the group folded they had written and published 617 textfiles in English and more than 100 in Swedish.

Founded in 1991, based in Sweden, uXu is a good example of a textfile endeavor where you can actually track the progression of a small social group through nearly a decade. The files begin with descriptions of the computer "scene" of Sweden, bombs, technology and eventually expands over the years to journal entries, musings about philosophy, song lyrics, interviews, and a bunch of nice fellows just letting you know what they're up to. All in all, good solid quality and a fascinating study.

- Jason Scott, textfiles.com

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