Unladen Swallow

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Unladen Swallow
Developer(s) Unladen Swallow Team
Stable release 2009Q3 / October 20, 2009; 136484916 ago
Written in C++
Platform Cross-platform
Type Python Programming Language Interpreter
License Python Software Foundation License
Website Project page on Google Code

Unladen Swallow is an optimization branch of CPython, intended to be fully compatible and significantly faster. The project is sponsored by Google, and the project owners, Thomas Wouters, Jeffrey Yasskin, and Collin Winter are themselves full-time Google employees.[1] It aims to achieve its goals by supplementing CPython's custom virtual machine with a JIT built using LLVM. Unladen Swallow is hosted on Google Code. [2] The project had stated a goal of a five-times speed improvement over CPython.[3]


  • 2009 Q1 [1]
  • 2009 Q2 [2]
  • 2009 Q3 [3] and beyond - reduce memory usage, improve speed


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