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Portili TeamWiki
File:TeamWiki logo.png
Portili TeamWiki's logo.
Developer(s) Andrew Masri
Stable release Version 1
Operating system Cross-platform
Available in English
Type Wiki
License Proprietary

Portili TeamWiki is an is an enterprise wiki aimed at small companies’ documentation needs. Portili TeamWiki is not free software and uses a proprietary software license. However, a free version called Portili PersonalWiki is available for personal use. Portili TeamWiki is written in the programming language PHP and uses a MySQL database to store content. The software's primary design goal is to be simple and aesthetic.


Development of TeamWiki was started by Andrew Masri in June 2008 and first released in June 2009 under the brand name Portili Software.

Main features

User Interface 
Portili TeamWiki makes extensive use of Ajax and JavaScript to make the user interface feel more like desktop software. It also integrates an Online rich-text editor to make web-editing accessible to non-technical users.
Access Control 
Portili TeamWiki uses a user/group management system to allow an administrator to create user accounts and define groups of users. Groups may be created to represent departments or roles within the organization. Wiki users can optionally specify which groups may view and/or edit any given page.
Full text search 
Portili TeamWiki has an integrated search function.

Other features can be found on the feature list at

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