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Cool Software
Commercial? Yes
Type of site Web 2.0
Registration Free, Optional
Available language(s) English
Owner Intel Corporation
Launched October 8, 2007
Current status Active

Cool Software is a Web 2.0 website published by Intel. Since 2007, users have contributed over 1500 software program descriptions to the Cool Software database. The Cool Software website is intended to be a resource for people interested in software, including end users, developers, entrepreneurs, and independent software vendors.

The Cool Software website utilizes collective intelligence to seek out unique, innovative software and the companies which develop that software. The site functions similarly to Digg and is powered by the Pligg content management system.

Site operation

Members post information about new software and technologies, and then the community votes on whether or not they think that software is "cool." Each post is composed of a headline, a link to the software, subject tags, a short description, and a category. Software may be posted in one of five categories: Digital Home, Enterprise, Healthcare, Mobility, and Other. Members can interact socially by commenting on posts. When a piece of software gets many votes, it is promoted to the site's front page where the average visitor can see what community members have ranked as the most interesting, valuable software.

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