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Q-Industries, Inc.
Type Private
Headquarters File:Flag of the United States.svg Washington, D.C., USA
Key people Tim Neill, President & CEO
Sean Breen, COO
Brad Heidemann, Executive Vice President, Client Services
Jason McDowell, Executive Vice President, Operations
Margaret Rogers, Executive Vice President
Marcos Ballestero, Director, Creative
Kurt Roberts, Director, Technology
John Dorman, Director, Lunchtime Activites[1]
Industry Interactive
IT Services
Employees 43 (2008)

Q-Industries (Q) is an interactive agency that designs and builds online brands, websites, and advanced Internet-based applications, with expertise in online marketing, social networking, and new media services. The company has worked with start-ups employing Web 2.0 technologies and with some Fortune 500 websites. Q-Industries clients include commercial, government, and association/nonprofit organizations across the United States[2].



Q-Industries was founded in 1999 by Sean Breen and Frank Clark. Both founders were veterans of the technology industry. At its inception, the primary focus was on technology such as programming, networks, and network security. But as the internet progressed into new technologies, Q-Industries added new services in web design and new media.[3] In 2000, Tim Neill joined Q-Industries as its President and CEO.[4]</br></br>

In the past eight years, Q-Industries has had to move office space five times in 4 years due to growth. [5] Between 2004 through 2007, Q-Industries annually tripled its revenue. In 2007 and 2008, this internet company saw 50 percent growth. In 2008, Q-Industries was recognized as Washington, D.C.'s Small Business of the Year.</br></br>

The client list is diverse and includes Pew Forum, a Pew Research Center Project, which focuses on religion and politics, Tyco Flow Control, and TVOne. For Pew, Q-Industries was engaged to provide web design, data integration, and content management system help, allowing users to compare summaries of the 2008 presidential candidates' positions on issues such abortion, gay marriage, and the Iraq war. This project resulted in a nomination for a Webby Award, considered to being a prestigious Internet recognized honor.[6] The Official Honoree distinction is awarded to work that scores in the top 15% of all work submitted for a Webby, which in 2008 was approximately 10,000 submissions.


Q-Industries service offerings are split into three primary categories: creative[7], strategy[8], and development services[9].

Awards & Industry Recognition

Q-Industries awards:

    • 2008 Small Business of the Year by D.C. Economic Partnership[10]
      2008 Small Business of the Year by D.C. Economic Partnership[11]
      2008 Webby Award Nominee for Politics[12]
      2008 Webby Award Honoree for Religion and Spirituality[13]
      2008 Most Creative Implementation[14]



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