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8 Hands is a Web 2.0 desktop and mobile application that aggregates a user's social network profiles into one interface. Real-time notifications of new events are delivered from supported social networks such as YouTube, MySpace, Facebook and Twitter as well as blogs and RSS feeds. The 8 Hands application is a white label product, and is part of Logia Group's social networking services. The desktop version was launched in 2007 and the mobile version in June 2008[1].



The 8 Hands solution uses social intelligence to organizethe content it aggregates according to the user's latest interaction with each of the senders of this content. 8 Hands becomes a smart social address book and an entry point for all the user’s Web interaction.
By providing all the wealth of social networking on a user’s desktop PC or mobile phone 8 Hands also becomes a hub for all of his communications. 8 Hands features are as follows:

  • Unified Social Network feed - Real-time notifications from all user social networks.
  • Unified Address Book – Enables the user to respond and communicate across social networks, or use 8 Hands cross-community media-oriented Instant Messaging.
  • Phonebook Integration - Matches the user's social network friends to stored phone numbers for making direct calls.
  • A unified media hub which aggregates user generated content and premium content allowing the user to share content everywhere. The user drags and drops content such as YouTube videos or Flickr pictures into 8 Hands chat window.
  • Contextual Text Reply – 8 Hands allows the user to reply textually to any incoming event and posts the reply in the correct context, based on the event’s type and origin
  • Unified Upload – Allows the user to post text and media to one or more locations at the cost of one data upload

Supported Social Networks

The 8 Hands application unifies user profiles from social networking sites and currently supports the following networks: Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube, Feedburner, WordPress, Blogger, LiveJournal and TypePad.

Supported Mobile Phones

8 Hands Mobile can be downloaded and run on the following mobile phone models [2]: Motorola RAZR V3x* Motorola RAZR V6, Motorola RAZR2 V9, Nokia 6120c, Nokia 6126, Nokia 6233, Nokia 6267, Nokia 6280, Nokia 6288, Nokia 6500c, Nokia 6555, Nokia N73, Nokia N95, Samsung A707, Sony Ericsson K770i, Sony Ericsson K800i, Sony Ericsson W880i.


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