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Run BASIC is a free web-based implementation of the BASIC programming language. It was introduced on January 19th, 2007. Run BASIC was written by Shoptalk Systems, creators of the Liberty BASIC and Just BASIC compilers.



Run BASIC is a free-to-use programming language intended for the creation of dynamic webpages in BASIC. A public website, located at [1], allows anyone with a web browser and internet connection to try the language for free. A "Personal Server" version that allows the creation of websites without a programming interface exposed is currently in beta testing.

Run BASIC is currently known to operate in Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple's Safari, as well as on many smartphones and PDAs. No browser plug-in is required for the operation of Run BASIC programs.


The syntax is generally similar to that of most BASICs, but with a light-weight object orientation added. The HTML statement allows the user to insert raw HTML code into the webpage. Other commands allow the insertion of DIVs and CSS styling into the program. An UPLOAD statement allows the user to upload a file to the server, which the program can then manipulate. Other HTML elements, such as links and textboxes, can be treated like widgets that can be managed as objects.

The Personal Server version, which is currently in beta testing, adds the ability to manipulate SQLite databases. The author has stated that support for other relational database management systems, such as MySQL and SQL Server, will be added in future versions.

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  • Liberty BASIC (The Windows-based BASIC that Run BASIC is derived from)
  • Just BASIC (a freeware version of Liberty BASIC)

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