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VNDroid: Vietnamese Mobile Development Community is a new Vietnamese-based mobile development community portal for inspired mobile developer to come and share knowledge, reference as well as experience in mobile development field.


History and description

VNdroid is a work in progress from an enthusiastic group of developers. The aim for this portal is for all developers in Vietnam, and world wide, to come and share the same field of interest, mobile platform development. The portal was planned launched on 10 December 2009, but get delayed until the end of December. When it is up and running, would act as a source of information for mobile platform, as well as a place for sharing mobile platform development experience.


VNdroid idea was visualized when the team sought a Vietnamese-based community to do research on the Google Android platform. In fact, there are very few portals for Vietnamese developers to share knowledge, especially for new technology, such as Windows Mobile and Android. A team of developers, project managers and business analysts from FPT Software,[1] an outsourcing software company in Vietnam, decided to create a portal where developers, both inside and outside of the company, can come and seek for knowledge, issue tackling experiences and passion for new technology.

Developers was founded and initially used by a group of developers, project managers, technical and business analysts come from various domain, including Docjax team from,[2] a document search website, Skydoor,[3] and FPT Software.[1]

The aim for VNdroid is to reach out to even more passionate organization to come and join hand in the front line of new technology.


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