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Visual Studio Team System Profiler is a commercial profiler offering from Microsoft which is available integrated into the Visual Studio Team System (VSTS) suite and the Development Edition of Visual Studio[1]. It can work either in sampling mode, in which the snapshot of the program state is recorded at certain intervals, or in instrumentation mode, where statistic gathering probes are injected at entry and exit point of functions.[2] While instrumentation mode allows more accurate statistics to be gathered, it also makes the program run more slowly due to the extra code injected by the probes.

The VSTS profiler helps to resolve performance problems in code written for the .NET platform or natively compiled Visual C++ code. In addition to 32-bit support, current versions of the VSTS profiler can be used on 64-bit Windows platforms to profile either 32-bit or 64-bit programs. The profiler reports performance characteristics for methods which are called during a given run of the profiler including the number of calls to the function and the call stack when the function was called.

From within the profiler the application will need to be launched and the component (screen) to be analysed needs to be executed normally and exited. After completing, the profiler gives a summary of the elapsed time for each of the functions and the number of time each function is called. Also the memory usage data of the objects can also be tracked.

The profilers statistics can be viewed using the Performance Explorer UI built into the VSTS suite, which can be accessed by creating a Performance Session.

A standalone version of the VSTS profiler can also be installed from the Visual Studio Team System DVD, and is also available for download on the Microsoft website. While the standalone compiler can be installed or used on any platform, the results it collects can only be analyzed in a version of Visual Studio which includes the profiler.


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