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Type Limited
Founded 2001
Founder(s) Jacques-Antoine Granjon (CEO) - Xavier Court - Claude Sorbac - Julien Sorbac - Michaël Benabou - Eléonore Sabates - Ilan Benhaïm Philippe Naggar
Headquarters La Plaine Saint DenisParis, France
Key people Jacques-Antoine Granjon (CEO)
Industry E-commerce / online sales events
Revenue 491 million GBP (2008)
Employees More than 1000 (July 2009) – 1150 planned by the end of 2009
Website deals in the concept of online retailing. The company was developed in an online environment to host sales of designer brands for members, with reduced prices. These sales include a diverse selection of product categories: fashion, accessories, toys, watches, home appliances, sports equipment, technology and wines.


History was founded in 2001 by the current CEO, Jacques-Antoine Granjon, and his seven business partners. Jacques-Antoine Granjon founded his first company after graduating from the EBS (European Business School) in 1985. He moved to Paris and entered the end of line distribution industry. At the end of 2000 Jacques-Antoine Granjon and his associates began to conceptualise the sale of end of season stock through limited-time sales events on the internet. The principle was to fulfil supplier’s needs to quickly sell excess stock, without harming the brand’s image or competing with other distribution channels. The website was launched in 2001. The first three years were a period of investment and development. The growth period began in 2004. In July 2007 the American private equity firm Summit Partners acquired a 20% stake of with a view to supporting the company’s international development.[1] has currently operations in France, Spain, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom. infrastructure employs more than 1000 people (July 2009).

700 employees are based in the old printing factory of the French daily newspaper Le Monde, in La Plaine Saint Denis (Paris):

The remaining 300 employees work in the 125,000 sqm warehouses in Blanc-Mesnil (Paris) and St. Vulbas (near Lyon).


The concept is the organisation of designer brand sales events over a limited period of time (typically 2-4 days), available to members.

How it works

Registration with is free of charge and does not entail an obligation to buy. 48 hours before a sale takes place, an invitation email is sent to all members. Sales usually start at 6 am GMT on weekdays, and 8 am GMT on weekends, and last for 2 to 4 days. When a sale has ended places an order with the brand partner. When delivered, this is packed, labelled and delivered to members who participated in the sale. Members are also able to cancel their orders or return items, depending on local laws.

Key figures

160,000 members since launching in the UK (September 2008)
8 million members in Europe
3.9 million customers
6 million unique visitors per month (source: Médiametrie//Net Ratings, French Panel)
53 million hits per month
An average 34 minutes spent on the site per month per person (source: Médiametrie//Net Ratings, French Panel)
742 million pages viewed per month, i.e. 127 pages viewed per person (source: Médiametrie//Net Ratings, French Panel)
1250 sales in 2008 (1800 forecasted for 2009, 180 in the UK)
28 million products sold in 2008
491 million GBP revenue in 2008 (557 million GBP forecast for 2009)
More than 1000 employees in July 2009, of which 25 British (250 new employees planned for 2009)



  • Jacques-Antoine Granjon is nominated “Entrepreneur of the Year”, during the BFM Awards[2], organised by BFM, financial radio and TV media,
  • wins the Year Innovation prize in the “Distance Selling/E-commerce” category at the LSA (Libre Service Actualité) Magazine Awards[3].


  • 2007 Jacques-Antoine Granjon was voted 'E-Commerce Business man of the year' (Awarded by E-commerce Magazine 2007),
  • During the Favor’i ceremony celebrating the 50th anniversary of FEVAD[4] (French Federation of Mail Order Companies), Jacques-Antoine Granjon won the 'Favor’i d’Honneur'[5] award recognising him as the most influential Distance Selling Businessman of the last 50 years. The website was also rewarded for being 'The Internet user’s Favor’i for exclusive online sales'[6]
  • received the jury’s special award for the strongest growth of a European company founded within the last 10 years 'The Changing Times Award Audemars-Piguet'.


  • Second nomination for 'Best e-commerce website in terms of customer satisfaction.'[7]


  • 'Innovation prize for the best French e-commerce website'[8] and nomination for 'Best e-commerce website in terms of customer satisfaction' (Baromètre Direct Panel).

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