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Founded 2007
Headquarters Stockholm, Sweden
Key people Sorosh Tavakoli, Alfred Ruth, Dante Buhay
Products Ad serving and online video advertising
Owner(s) Private

Videoplaza AB is a video adserving company based in Sweden.



Videoplaza AB was founded during the fall of 2007 by Sorosh Tavakoli, Dante Buhay and Alfred Ruth in Stockholm, Sweden. The company is backed by the Swedish VC firm Creandum and private investors Rolf Skoglund, Joakim Jardenberg, Andy Chen, Henrik Torstensson and Magnus Hultman[1] [2]. The HQ is located in Stockholm, Sweden, but the company also operates in the UK and the Nordics[3]. Videoplaza is a member of the Video Council of the Interactive Advertising Bureau's UK branch, which works to standardize video advertising formats.[4][5]


As of 2009 August, Videoplaza operates in Sweden and the Nordics, UK, and France [6][7]. A few of their clients include Kanal 5 (Sweden), TV4 (Sweden), Dagens Nyheter, Östgöta_Correspondenten and Sydsvenskan in Sweden, Berlingske_Tidende, Dagbladet_Børsen, Ekstrabladet and Jyllandsposten in Denmark, and [Factory Media] ([]) and Incisive Media in the UK.

Videoplaza is a partner of Brightcove and part of the Brightcove Alliance [8]


File:Monetizer screenshot.png
Monetizer dashboard
Original author(s) Videoplaza AB
Developer(s) Videoplaza AB
Type Ad serving and reporting
License Proprietary

The Videoplaza Monetizer is a dedicated video adserver which offers five standard ad formats for online video content: Prerolls, midrolls, postrolls, overlays and companion banners. The Monetizer works through a plugin which is compatible with any standard Adobe Flash or Microsoft Silverlight video player[9]

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