Vilnius BASIC

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Vilnius Basic
Paradigm imperative, algorithmic
Appeared in 1986
Designed by ?
Developer ?
Stable release ? (?)
Typing discipline ?
Major implementations ?
Dialects BASIC-86, BASIC-88
Influenced by MSX BASIC
Influenced None
Vilnius BASIC on BK-0010-01

Vilnius BASIC was a dialect of the BASIC programming language running on the Elektronika BK-0010-01/BK-0011M and UKNC computers.

It was a quite advanced BASIC and featured a runtime threaded code compiler that compiled the program when one entered the RUN command. The dialect was very close to MSX BASIC, the major differences were the lack of the PLAY, SOUND, VPOKE and PUT SPRITE operators, impossibility to open several files at the same time and impossibility to use several operators in one line. It also lacked full-screen editor. Machine-dependent features, like graphics operators parameters and PEEK/POKE addresses were also different. The software takes its name from Vilnius, the capital city of Lithuania, formerly a republic of the Soviet Union.

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