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Virtual Engagement is a metric to determine the level of affinity between a company and its customers. In today's internet economy, few things matter as much to marketers as the intensity of the feelings a customer has towards the brand or the product of a given corporation. Marketing professionals are engaging prospects and moving them along the customer engagement cycle to become customers and finally advocates.

Online environments play a critical role for customer lifecycle management, where Virtual events have established themselves as part of the marketing mix. Here, all customer activities take place in a controlled environment, allowing detailed feedback about the level of engagement[1]. The customer engagement index[2] can be used to measure how successful a company is in connecting with its community[3]. It is a metric, derived from an aggregation of behavioral and demographic variables and used for assessing lead quality during events in virtual environments.

Industry analysts have established community engagement[4] as a concept, as it has become clear that companies need to focus on a more granular level on the behavior of individual customers or prospects to determine the strength of the connection they have been able to establish.



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