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VisitLab is a Web analytics system with a rich user management framework. Presently in a Free Beta stage, it is developed using open-source resources. VisitLab believes in the idea of 'infinite scalability' and the project developers have designed the system with hardware scalability and API stability as the two guiding philosophies.



  • Click Fraud Analysis and Alert System: Online pay-per-click advertisers struggle with the threat of so-called Click fraud. The system is designed to track occurrences of such threats. By setting preferences the advertiser can choose to receive email alerts about possible 'click-fraud'.
  • Visitor Experience Analysis: A complete analysis of each visitor who has visited a website. It tracks a visitor from the time he/she enters a domain until he/she leaves. The system does a complete clickpath analysis, showing each page visited and duration of stay.
  • Remote Monitor Alerts: Webmasters are keen to know about the speed of the website page loading. They want to know if it meets some acceptable level and want to be alerted in case it falls below the set threshold.
  • Keyphrase Manager: Most visitors to a website end up following a link from a SERP for a specific keyphrase. VisitLab's keyphrase manager program enables the website marketing team to effortlessly analyse the performance of each keyphrase.
  • Account Management: Visitlab also includes an account management framework. The user management utility enables the website administrator to set access permissions for other users from the same organisation to different responsibilities of the account. Conversely, it is also possible to add an external user with read-only access to each component of the account.

Technology Platform

  • LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)
  • PEAR classes support

Visitlab is inactive now

Visitlab is no more active.

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