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Visual modeling is the graphic representation of objects and systems of interest using graphical languages. Visual modeling languages may be General-Purpose Modeling (GPM) languages (e.g., UML, Southbeach Notation, IDEF) or Domain-Specific Modeling (DSM) languages (e.g., SysML). They include industry open standards (e.g., UML, SysML), as well as proprietary standards, such as the visual languages associated with VisSim, MATLAB and Simulink, OPNET, and NI Multisim. VisSim is unique in that it provides a royalty-free, downloadable Viewer that lets anyone open and interactively simulate VisSim models. Visual modeling languages are an area of active research that continues to evolve, as evidenced by increasing interest in DSM languages, visual requirements, and visual OWL (Web Ontology Language).[1]

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