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Vote for Plano, Vote Plano or Voting for Plano are synonyms for the manipulation of an online voting with help of online communities and hacking so that nobody can say afterwards who should be the regular winner.

It describes the dilemma of choosing a winner without having proper results nor the alternative to repeat the voting.


The Case

The term derives from the idea of Danny de Zayas and Nina Barry, who under the title Our Lives Are In Your Hands ... wanted to vote on what their next home should be.[1] The city, which first reached 1,000,000 votes should be theirs.

It was still when de:Katrin Bauerfeind moderated de:Ehrensenf when Ehrensenf and the similar project Rocketboom[2] and other communities participated in the voting campaign. Ehrensenf successfully pushed the very remote Plano in Texas to the top [3]. Plano officially[4] reached ultimately 973,946 votes and became known worldwide.[5]

Meanwhile U.S. dailies motivated their readers not to leave the box to the Sour Krauts. [6][7][8][9]

Due to massive manipulation of various participants using illegal bots to cast votes automatically, specific German IP addresses were banned from voting on the site and their votes were nullified following a daily review of website traffic logs.

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