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Virtual War
Stable release 1.5.0 R15
Written in PHP
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Content management system
Website www.vwar.de

Virtual War is a free clan content management system based on PHP and MySQL. The system is fully controlled using a web-based user interface.

It requires a web server which supports the PHP extension (such as the Apache HTTP Server), as well as an MySQL database.



The current public version of Vwar is 1.5.0 R15. Version 1.7.0 was released for beta testing in April, 2009 and will include bugfixes as well as new features. [1]

Features of Virtual War

The main aim of Virtual War is to allow a webmaster to create a community-based portal, with an automated web site allowing clan members to post news items (user-submitted news items are selected by editors). Users can comment on these articles using the comments system.

The standard files that are part of the core Virtual War system are as follows:

  • Calendar
  • Members
  • News
  • Next Actions
  • Statistics
  • Wars

You can also add various addons (also known as Hacks / Mods) via the Virtual War forum.


Virtual War is not opensource in terms of GPL or any other common license.

reference: License page


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