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Waka is a new application protocol intended as "a binary, token-based replacement for HTTP."[1] It is "designed to match the efficiency of the REST architectural style."[2]


Waka was conceived by Roy Fielding of REST fame, and described in a 2002 ApacheCon presentation. It is still under development. As of August 2006, waka was "all done in my head, it's not on paper though. ... I'm almost to the point where I can make it an open project."[3]


Some of waka's features include:[4]

  • New request semantics (new methods for monitoring and authoring resources)
  • Self-descriptive (explicit type, scope, binding of response to request)
  • Allow unsolicited responses
  • Uniform syntax regardless of type and direction
  • Extensible via URIs
  • Client-side macros

The waka protocol is named after a type of Maori canoe.

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