We're Getting Nowhere

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We're Getting Nowhere
Genre Talk Show, Vlog
Starring Karman Kregloe, Jill Bennett, Dara Nai
Language(s) English
Executive producer(s) Sarah Warn
Location(s) Los Angeles
Original channel www.afterellen.com AfterEllen on wikipedia
Related shows Brunch With Bridget
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[August 14, 2007 Production website]

We're Getting Nowhere The Terrible Three talk back to your TV is a vlog that is posted Thursdays on AfterEllen where the three regular hosts[1] Karman Kregloe, Jill Bennett and Dara Nai (aka The Terrible Three), talk about new episodes of various programs related mainly, but not exclusively to lesbian themed TV-shows. Series covered in the vlog include South of Nowhere, America's Next Top Model and The L Word. In the broadcasts episodes are recapped, re-enacting of various scenes with and without the use of sock puppets and other props may occur, relevant and irrelevant trivia and general opinions on the episode in question are shared with the audience. After recapping Season One of The L Word (when it premiered on Logo), WGN was retired.



Originally filmed in the bedroom of Jill Bennett's residence in Los Angeles, California, it has since been moved to her living room. A few episodes very early on in the show had taken place in Dara's living room as well.

Guests on We're Getting Nowhere

Several actors, writers and comedians have been guests on the vlog. Guests have included:


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