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WeMix.com is an online music creation community and user-generated record label founded in 2007 by hip-hop star and award-winning actor Christopher "Ludacris" Bridges headquartered in New York City. It is a privately held joint venture between Ludacris’ Disturbing tha Peace label and MegaMobile TV (a company founded by veteran TV creator Matthew Apfel).[1] Officially launched in April 2008, the service is a social network as well as a content browsing/filtering structure similar to YouTube. The site is free to all users and works on an internet-advertising business model.[2]



The website allows aspiring artists to interact, share their music, give feedback, and collaborate with other artists. Designed to appeal to both musicians and music fans, WeMix features a library of thousands of original songs, beats, vocals, and more all of which can be commented and voted upon. Due to the involvement of established artists such as Ludacris, the website offers a unique method of entry into the music industry for the top-rated artists.[3]

The site also features Luda's Blog, photos, a store (the Gear Garage), and news about WeMix artists and the music world.

As of November 27, R&B/Pop artist Charles Brandon (SCB) has the most plays for any one song with 2,032,248 total plays for his song "Keep Up" (produced by Kadis & Sean). Charles Brandon (SCB) is also ranked 2nd of 52,413 total artists on the site. Atlanta rapper QPee is ranked number 1 of 52,413 total artists.


WeMix has built a new model for creating music and discovering new talent. Rather than use traditional A&R methods such as auditions or talent scouts, WeMix uses its artist community as an A&R department and focus group. Artists upload their tracks and gain access to a suite of social network tools to help them promote their music to friends and fans across the web. Members collaborate with each other to give real feedback, share new ideas for music, and make original songs. The artists with the most plays and votes get a shot to turn their demos into polished, hit songs — by collaborating with star musicians like Ludacris and with the entire WeMix community.[4]

Unlike American Idol, WeMix is not a one-time contest. It is an ongoing community for artists who want to share ideas and collaborate on music, with a TV series following their musical journeys. Other sites such as MusicNation, Famecast and SoundClick use a similar model, but lack the involvement of an established artist.[5]


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