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Type Subsidiary
Founded 2006
Headquarters Los Angeles, United States
Parent Raideil Inc.
Slogan "Share your life with family and friends at WeOurFamily!"
Website weourfamily.com
Type of site Social networking
Advertising None
Registration Required
Available in English
Launched July 9, 2009
Current status Active

WeOurFamily is a privacy-oriented social networking website launched on June 9, 2009.[1] The website takes a different approach to social networking by requiring users to explicitly share content with other users, instead of implicitly assuming that content should be available to anyone by default.[2][3]. Additionally, this social networking website also emphasizes its security protocols throughout the site, as well as the ownership and license of its users work.

Unlike other advertiser-supported social networking websites like Facebook or MySpace, WeOurFamily requires an annual subscription to share content with other people. However, a subscription is not required for users to view or comment on any content that has been shared with them.[4]


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