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File:WebNotes logo sm.png
URL http://www.webnotes.net
Commercial? Yes
Type of site Web Annotation, Highlighting, Sticky Notes
Launched December 10, 2008

WebNotes, Inc is a web based application in the field of Web Annotation. Their hosted solution allows users to highlight text and add sticky notes to web pages. Users may organize their notes into nested folders for future reference, share annotated pages with others and publish their collections into a PDF or HTML document.


WebNotes can be installed as a toolbar or, alternatively, as a bookmarklet. Hosted user accounts store all annotation information and may be accessed from any internet connected computer. When the organizer is displayed, the toolbar will present a collection of annotated contents which may be moved, deleted, or rearranged as desired. Annotations may also be shared via email, permalink or aggregated PDF/HTML document.

The service currently works with the following browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. WebNotes is compatible with Mac OS, Linux and Windows.


WebNotes was conceived by Ryan Damico as an undergrad at M.I.T. in 2005 and the company began working on a product in 2007.

An Invite-Only Beta was launched on December 10, 2008. While the service was lauded by many sites[1] [2], a few questioned WebNotes' entrance into a highly competitive space.[3]


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