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The term "Web Experience Management" or "WEM" (2007–present) is the evolution of website needs from managing content (Web Content Management - WCM) to managing the entire experience of users on the web (Web Experience Management - WEM). The term originally was coined by Web Content Management (WCM) software vendor FatWire as a means to describe the management of the experience an organization’s customers, partners and employees have on their website. Web Experience Management is reasonably broad and can represent anything that facilitates loyalty, engagement and interaction on websites.

By now, several other leading WCM vendors (EMC Corporation, Vignette and others) have adopted the term as well as to describe the key direction of their companies and the purpose their software packages - the concept of Web Experience Management is now seen by both vendors and analysts as a natural evolution of WCM.

The Web Experience Management System is to a Web Content Management System what WEM is to WCM - an evolution in the software systems deployed and used by a company to manage their online presence.


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