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Web Services Interoperability Technology (WSIT) is an open-source project started by Sun Microsystems to develop the next-generation of web service technologies. It consists of Java programming language APIs that allow developers to create web service clients and services that interoperate between the Java platform and Microsoft's Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and .NET.

WSIT is distributed under the terms of the CDDL open-source license, and is currently under development.

WSIT uses JAX-WS and JAXB, and these APIs implement the WS-I specifications, including:

  • Metadata
    • WS-MetadataExchange
    • WS-Transfer
    • WS-Policy
  • Security
    • WS-Security
    • WS-SecureConversation
    • WS-Trust
    • WS-SecurityPolicy
  • Messaging
    • WS-ReliableMessaging
    • WS-RMPolicy
  • Transactions
    • WS-Coordination
    • WS-AtomicTransaction

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A general framework, applicable but not limited to web services, for interoperation of model-based services is described at

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