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A Web badge is a small image used on websites to promote web standards, products used in the creation of a web page or product, or to indicate a specific content license that is applied to the content or design of a website. The "Powered By MediaWiki" image[2] on the Wikipedia website is an example of a web badge.

A common-usage standard for web badges are 88x31 pixel and 80x15 pixel (also known as Antipixel[1]) images typically in GIF or PNG image format composed of a small graphic to the left with text on the right. Web badges may however come in any size or configuration.

Standard dimensions:

  • 36x13
  • 80x15
  • 88x31
  • 110x32
  • 120x60
  • 125x50
  • 180x60


  1. Antipixel as the first designer of this kind of badge [1]

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