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Website Management System is a cloud computing platform designed to allow organizations, businesses, and individuals the ability to manage their on-line presence directly through any web-browser. WMS supports any web browser that conforms to the World Wide Web Consortium standards, and all WMS enabled sites are viewable from any HTML software package. WMS allows a site manager to change anything on their page in real-time. Change are atomic in scope, so one change doesn't affect other parts of the web site. In addition, WMS is built on current web design standards such as Cascading Style Sheets, Dynamic HTML, JavaScript, and AJAX so web sites using WMS can have multi-media components.


WMS was initially developed by BitWest Technologies in the late 1990s on a Unix / Apache platform. The development of WMS was targeted internally, primarily to allow BitWest personnel to make changes to customer web pages and to allow technicians with less web design experience to handle the day to day changes of the corporate website. Development of WMS has continued after BitWest Technologies closed in 2002 with Tech-Smithy.com taking over as the managers of WMS.


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