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A WebAssistant is a computer-supported function on the web that extends the possibilities of a user.

Usually it involves an interactive application, through which the user can perform a certain task. Examples of such tasks include:

  • the creation of template-based webpages
  • the creation of online slideshows
  • personal or collective information processing

WebAssistants can also be a reaction to the growing complexity of the web and aim to assist the user in making things easier for him. Such WebAssistants enable users to

  • browse offline
  • contextualize pieces of information into various webbased products such as WebDatabases, WebDesks, WebPresentations, WebWorkspaces etc.

A highly-popularized example of WebAssistants are Firefox Plug-Ins, which can do such things as translate web pages, track eBay listings, and even incorporate Google products such as Google Web Accelerator, Google Notebook and Google Earth.

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