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Webfood is an online food ordering service that allows users to order food from a vendor via online menus and can be integrated with a Hospital information system.

[1] as way for a company to allow customers to order their food online, in advance, either for dining in, pickup or delivery. One of [2] is that the system integrates with existing student ID cards to allow them to charge meals as well as being able to integrate with existing point of sale devices such as Odyssey POS and GOLD POS. Because of this, the service is also popular among large restaurant chains. Webfood was acquired by CBORD in August 2003.


Webfood has multiple components:

  1. A customizable Macromedia Flash based interface that is often themed with the vendor's logo and colors for use via the web and for local kiosks in the facility.
  2. A management tool backend to modify menus, set open and closed times, view various reports and manage users and employees.
  3. A backend payment processor to validate and charge credit cards or college ID cards


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