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Type Private
Founded 2008
Headquarters Debrecen, Hungary
Key people Bertalan Mesko, MD
Website http://www.webicina.com]

Webicina is a web-based company founded in 2008 by Bertalan Mesko, MD. Based in Debrecen, Hungary, Webicina provides free services that help medical professionals and patients enter the web 2.0 era with free medical web 2.0 guidance collections, step-by-step tutorials, webinars and e-courses.

Webicina that was mentioned by the University of Debrecen, Medical and Health Science Center[1]; GenomeWeb[2] and Medgadget [3], features PeRSSonalized Medicine, a free tool that lets patients and medical professionals select their favourite resources and read the latest news and articles in one personalized place.


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