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Webkinz Webcast
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Updates 109[1]
Debut September 23, 2007
Website WebkinzWebcast.com

The Webkinz Webcast is a podcast based on the Webkinz line of stuffed animals. The first episode aired on September 23, 2007.[2] The podcast was started by Dave Swerdlick and his two children, Hannah and Zoe. They have recorded and released 109 shows.[1] Each episode runs for 25 to 30 minutes. The Webkinz Webcast is not an affiliate of or sponsored by the maker of Webkinz, Ganz. The show is hosted on Libsyn, a podcast provider. New shows are recorded every wednesday and then they are produced (for example adding sound effects and then rendering) and then uploaded every friday. It has had almost 1 million downloads since the show start in September, 2007.


Breaking News

At the start of each show, the Webkinz Webcast shows a feature called "Breaking News", where the listener is told about events related to Webkinz, such as the release of new Webkinz pets. Each show usually contains one or two Breaking News features, although some have more.


The webcast's website hosts several other Webkinz-related features, such as monthly contests and virtual Webkinz recipes. They also have pictures of the newest pets and items.

Monthly contests

Every month, the Webkinz Webcast holds a contest that asks a question such as, "What new Webkinz item should Ganz release next?", which viewers can answer. The winner is usually sent a full-sized webkinz as a prize, however, there have been other prizes such as the Superpet CD. cool

Opening Statement

Before the theme song of each show, Zoe (and sometimes Hannah, Dave, or a guest star) starts off the webcast by saying a rhyme like "We're gonna have a blast, it's time for the Webkinz Webcast" or "Hey, kids, don't you know? It's time for the Webkinz Webcast show" [3]


Superpet is the name of the Band that writes songs that are played on the Webkinz Webcast. They have a CD called "Songs Inspired By Webkinz." The songs are:

1. Webkinz World!

2. We All Love Webkinz

3. Let's Go Play Webkinz

4. A Webkinz Named Sushi

5. My Webkinz Dogs

6. Webkinz Dance

7. I Like To Play Webkinz

8. Webkinz Arcade

9. I Love Webkinz

10. Webkinz - Driving Me Crazy

11. Go And Get A Webkinz

12. Webkinz - Come In And Play

13. The Webkinz Clubhouse

14. Webkinz Fever

Occasionally, they play SuperPet songs not released on an album, such as: "I'm Webkinz Crazy", "Webkinz 21", "Webkinz Halloween" and "Puffy Vest"

They also have played a song called "Supergirl" by Cathy Heller.

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