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A website content writer is a person who specializes in providing relevant text content to websites. Their expertise lies in adapting themselves to whatever particular website demands of them to compose. Most of their work centers on marketing particular product or service that sites are selling or endorsing.


Functions of content writers

There is a growing demand for content writers in the net because good content often translates into revenues for online businesses. Online entrepreneurs/owners depend on these writers for two major issues:

  • Content that would entice and engage visitors, so they stay browsing in the owner’s website. This operates on the premise that visitors who stay longer surfing a particular site [which offer some sort of product/service] will eventually become clients/ customers.
  • Content that is keyword smart, meaning composition must contain relevant keywords/phrases [typed by users for searching] associated with the actual site for better Search Engine indexing and ranking.

Additionally to these are user readability, usability, together with being up-to-date so that the company represented in the site conveys a sense of awareness on what is current and new to the industry in which they are operating. I want to be a content writer in the future

  • Content has to therefore be live !

The content is like a sales representative or marketing person of the company. Its function therefore is to interact with the visitor to the site about the purchase.

Website content writing aims at two things i.e., relevance and searchability. Relevance means that the meanings represented by texts should be usful and beneficial to readers. searchability indicates usage of keywords to help ease findings by search engines.

Online writers vs. conventional writers

Writing online is very different from composing /constructing content for printed materials as surfers tend to scan instead of read in the internet. Skipping what they think is unnecessary information and hunting for what they really want. It's estimated that 79% of users scan web content. It is also said that it takes 25% more time to scan content online compared to print content.[1]

Content writers must have the skills to not only insert paragraphs and headlines with keywords for Search Engine Optimization purposes, but also to make sure their composition makes sense so they will be able to tap their target market.

Blog writing is another form of online writing that differs from traditional print articles. A blog, or a web log, can range in style and topic, but is usually written informally to educate or inspire readers. Many businesses rely on blogs to promote their product or service, and many individuals use blogs to write about topics important to them personally or politically.

Content writing and off shore staffing

Website content writing service is one of the most productive services being outsourced nowadays. Web owners are finding it more and more profitable to hire off shore staff that professionally update their sites. Advantages include highly skilled professionals pre-screened to suit the client’s needs at cost effective and efficient terms.

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