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Type Private
Founded Tampa, FL, 2006
Founder(s) W. Paul Bissett, Dave Kohler
Headquarters Portland, OR, U.S. 45°30′8.56″N 122°40′30.49″W / Expression error: Unexpected < operator Expression error: Unexpected < operator / Expression error: Unexpected < operator; Expression error: Unexpected < operator
Industry geospatial, content_management Geographic_information_system
Employees 15
Website http://weogeo.com/



WeoGeo was established in 2006, and spun out of the Florida Environmental Research Institute, where the founders had worked together for nine years. It was founded to enable greater productivity in the geospatial industry by removing the vertical barriers to geo-content creation and sharing. In 2007, WeoGeo was a finalist in the Amazon Web Services StartUp Challenge[1]. WeoGeo released their Library Appliance in the July, 2008 concurrent with their Market service. They released their Library, a monthly, Software-as-a-Service version of their Appliance, in March, 2009. WeoGeo and Safe Software announced a partnership[2] in 2008 to bring FME Server to the cloud on Amazon Web Services.

Products and Services

WeoGeo has two product offerings, the WeoGeo Library and the WeoGeo Market. The Library provides a solution to the archival, discovery, customization, and delivery of in-house geo-content for the enterprise and is available as a SaaS or Software Appliance solution. It can handle millions of individual geo-content files and maps, ranging in file size from megabytes to terabytes. The WeoGeo Market is an internet B2B marketplacethat enables geospatial professionals to search, discover, customize, and acquire professional geo-content within minutes of entry to the marketplace[3].


Content on the WeoGeo Market can be licensed to allow derivative work to be resold[4].


WeoGeo is located in Portland, OR at the Portland State Business Accelerator[5]


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