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URL Whispurr
Commercial? Yes
Type of site Micro-blogging
Registration Required
Available language(s) English
Owner Whispurr
Created by Whispurr Team
Launched September, 2009

Whispurr is a free social networking and micro-blogging website which allows members to send 'Whisps' which are 300 character messages to individuals or groups of people, Whisps can be public or private and include the '@' character followed by the user's name e.g. @examplename



It is possible to post videos on Whispurr [1] and members are able to follow or block other members. Members can import any RSS feed from any website or blog into Whispurr which will feature on the member's profile. You can currently search conversations in five languages; English, Turkish, Italian, French and Spanish.

Future features

At the time of this article (22 January 2010) Whispurr estimate that they will implement an SMS feature into their website which will be functional by February 1, 2010. This will allow users to send 300 character SMS messages to offline mobile phones. The sender will also be able to receive a reply to their online Whispurr account. Whispurr will also implement a networking feature [2] whereby users create their own networks of friends for different networks. Whispurr will allow members to hide networks from each other which will provide added privacy to people and their information.


Whispurr was first founded in February 2009 by Hakan Guzelgoz (Turkey), Stefano Rocco (Italy) and Conor Devine (Ireland) based on their desire to create a micro blogging service which allows users to communicate online and offline via SMS message. After a few months of programming and testing along with a design provided by Kerem Suer (United States), Whispurr (beta stage) was launched on 1 September 2009.

The word Whispurr is a play on the word whisper coined by Vivienne Condell-Insalaco (Ireland).


At the time of this article (22 January 2010) Whispurr members were primarily from Ireland and Turkey. The official launch of Whispurr will take place at their offices in Dublin, Ireland in February 2010.[3]

Reality Work Diary

The Whispurr team are keeping an online diary on which will document their success or failure as they enter the social network market. This diary is available on youtube,[4] Vimeo [5] & Daily motion[6]

Technology & Expansion

Whispurr is built on Google's App Engine and they will consider inviting developers in June. Whispurr aims to have a multi-lingual interface by September 2010.[7]


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