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The best way to steer clear of being robbed by a FOREX broker yous to pick out only registered brokers of excellent repute. Recent regulatory alters and technological advances have made it a lot easier to FOREX traders to identify respected brokers. Inside this article, we'll deal by way of the United Express' broker market, however other countries offer similar assets for performing expected diligence.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy


1 Use some registered FOREX broker. The United States has the world's most extensive law about FOREX brokers. Like of October 18, 2010, all U.S. FOREX brokers must be registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, the CFTC, plus the National Futures Association, or NFA, and must need a minimum of $20 million in cash. You can use the means about these organizations to research FOREX brokers.

2 Check FOREX broker information on the NFA web site. With the NFA Background Connection Status Data Center, you can verify a broker's position and the activities for which it has received approval. You can see all the regulatory actions, arbitration awards and reparations cases involving a broker -- brokers through numerous entries in every about these categories should be avoided.

4 Operate only ECN brokers. One Electronics Communications Network broker is the safest choice, as it does not have all financial interest within your FOREX industry; it does not trade against your position nor impose fixed bid/ask spreads. Instead it simply collects revenue on your trading activity. All ECN brokers produce a depth regarding industry window -- true-time prices and volumes of all bid plus question orders in the FOREX interbank marketplace -- ensuring complete transparency to all traders.

Suggestions & Warnings

Deceptive practices on the previous have been most closely associated with Dealing Desk, or DD, brokers -- market makers who trade against your places. Some have been charged of cost manipulation also regarding "losing" the document about some customer's winning trade. Simply avoid them; stick to ECN brokers, which from definition are never DD brokers. You may detect a DD broker masquerading as a U.S.-based ECN broker by some few telltale signs: (1) lack of some DOM window; (2) margin ratios higher that is 50:1, the highest permitted in the U.S.; (3) fixed bid/ask spreads; and (4) lack about CFTC/NFA registration. If you discover a supposed U.S.-based ECN together with any of these defects, avoid it; better yet, report it to the CFTC.


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