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Wigzy is an AJAX-based, web application development core that serves a basic content management protocol. Wigzy interacts with files via XML/XSLT processing and DOM manipulation. It is modular, W3C standardized, utilizes community data APIs, and is cross-browser compatible.


Browser Support

Firefox 2+, Google Chrome, Safari 3 ( maybe 2?) , and so-so IE 7 & 8 (of course).

Web Application Development Core

As a web application development core, Wigzy can be adapted to fulfill any purpose. Wigzy, in time, will support user privileges and a toolkit that web developers can use to build/debug web applications in a real-time-run environment.

Standardized Web Schema [SwS]

Wigzy's development core is organized under Standardized Web Scheme or SwS. SwS ( pronounced like the cheese) is a web directory and document organization structure. SwS's primary concern is to separate web application components, defining different roles for different people.

Developer communities upholding standardized methods of file/structural elements organization will promote cleaner, more efficient code and programming practices. SwS allows developers to understand basic principles of any web app regardless of what the app accomplishes.

With this in mind, Wigzy will allow different people to focus on their primary tasks. Designers can design without worrying about functionality, developers can develop apps and sub-apps without worrying about content, and users can change content without being afraid of breaking the application.

Client-side AJAX

Wigzy utilizes AJAX technologies to process and construct pages and elements. This protocol is defined the XML/XSLT processor and DOM manipulation. In conjunction with the Prototype framework, Wigzy's protocol allows developers to add/remove application components with ease.

Since Wigzy is AJAX, it results in faster loading times, smaller file sizes, and limits page refreshing. Most data that is viewed on the page has already been parsed and is just waiting to be rendered.


For the beta, please visit http://code.google.com/p/wigzy/

For the development discussion, please visit http://groups.google.com/group/wigzy

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So, how do I use Wigzy?

Please a take a moment to view our Getting Started page

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