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Commercial? No
Type of site Sports
Registration Optional
Available language(s) Traditional Chinese
Owner Department of Information and Library Science, Tamkang University
Created by Sinn-Cheng Lin
Launched April 14, 2005[1]

WikiBaseball (traditional Chinese: 臺灣棒球維基館) is a Taiwanese baseball website. It was created on April 14, 2005.[1] Its major contents are people, event, time, place, and merchandise of Taiwanese baseball.

Wikibaseball runs on MediaWiki software. It is written collaboratively by volunteers. Besides feature story, all content is available under CC-BY-NC.[2]

Because many people browse this website. United Daily News, Formosa TV and some Taiwan media introduce this website to Taiwanese people on March 2006.[3][1] After several month, Wikibaseball teamed up with Chinese Taipei Baseball Association to digitize their relic. In addition, two Wikibaseball contributors contributed to Liberty Times and interviewed by Uonline reporter on March 2007.[4][5]

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